Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Small Steps Forward

Although there's not much movement directly related to bringing home Baby, I do feel like I've made some small steps forward with the adoption in general this past week. I have:

  • Made an appointment for Aug. 20 for a visit to my medical institution's global medicine/travel medicine clinic to get started on any necessary vaccinations and review Vietnam travel health issues.

  • Made an appointment for another round of fingerprinting for next week to comply with the new Adam Walsh Act.

  • Made some changes to my retirement and savings accounts to take a dependent into consideration.

  • Written out a rather large check for my agency for its International Adoption Program fee.

  • Told some of my neighbors about the adoption during our National Night Out get together last night, and met a couple neighbors from up the street who have infants and toddlers.

  • Signed up for two more graduate classes this fall, as I continue to work toward my master's degree (which rivals adoption in slow progress).

So, yes, there are plenty of things to do during this interminable adoption wait! OK, I'm off to play a few gentle rounds of fetch with Sophie Dog (off the DL - disabled list) and then, drumroll please, off just to look at Babies R Us, which unbelievably, I've never been too.


Jennifer said...

So, how was your trip to Babies R' Us?

LaLa said...

Just to look...ha ha...what was the damage??

Newman Center of ECC said...

Quite a list of tasks as you look toward fall and school and baby and all. Good luck with all of them. Fran

Anonymous said...

Yo ho tell us now, what did you buy? Joanne

MaisyJoinsThePack said...

We did our new fingerprinting on Monday... They remembered us at the police precinct, we've been there so many times for the same thing.

So how was Babies R Us? I've never been there either!!