Friday, August 1, 2008

"Danger For Rent: Car Rental Agency {Advantage Rent A Car} Puts Infants At Risk"

This is the sort of thing that sometimes never occurs to me. On the other hand, it's precisely why I like to be the one in control, rather than putting myself -- and now my baby -- at the mercy of large companies that don't care about my family's safety. I especially like to drive when traveling if possible, rather than fly, and it's problems like this that reinforce my preferences. Shame on Advantage Rent A Car (a car rental agency I have used in the past, before Emmerson). They ought to be fined or otherwise penalized for putting babies and toddlers at risk.

I also wonder if there are more blogs like Delicious Baby that report on the seedier side of the consumer baby business. I'd like to know about them!


Rebecca said...

Although it is a a bit of a PITA, we have generally taken our own carseats with us when traveling. They can be checked and not counted against your luggage tally, or your child can be in it during flight if s/he has her/his own purchased seat. The biggest hassle is getting from the car to the check-in counter, or from baggage claim to the rental car, when the cart is already loaded down with luggage. It's manageable though!

Our rental van this summer had seats with built-in carseats. It looked like a good design and was very efficient, but I have no idea how safe they were (a part of the seat folded down to boost the child, and then there were the standard 5-point harnesses to keep them secure). We had our carseats so did not elect to try these out. They were in an 08 minivan, whose make escapes me, and the company was National Car Rental.

Then again, I loved the 'freedom' we sometimes had in Guatemala-a whole bunch of us piled in a taxi, baby in arms, toddler on lap and no carseat to be found. Less safe to be sure, but everyone seemed a little happier!

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for posting about this. I've been working hard to get the word out about this issue because we know that it isn't limited to just one rental agency or one location. and are other websites that do a good job of covering consumer issues for parents of young kids