Monday, September 13, 2010

Exposing The Adoption Fraud In Vietnam

This is a compelling, if tragic, expose on the adoption fraud in Vietnam. It's also tragic that the adoption documents have been so heavily redacted that the adoption agencies that may have been at least partially culpable aren't held publicly responsible. It's also tragic that so many families who adopted children from Vietnam may now be left wondering if their adoption was legitimate or not. And it's tragic that the hands of US officials essentially were tied by beaucracy, leaving a trail of families who were victimized. The only winners in this adoption tragedy were the scam artists -- and many probably are still in operation.

Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis

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wendy said...

i would love to follow your blog again, i have adopted from vietnam and it is terrible to just wonder, knowing you will never know what really happened.
Can't wait to see how big your kids have gotten